animal welfareHorrific reside export circumstances; proliferation of intensive manufacturing unit farming strategies; exports of chlorine-washed hen; European demand for cruelly harvested horse blood products; hormone handled beef in the EU; illegal trade in wildlife merchandise; rising demand for improperly sourced donkey skin merchandise. As part of a collaborative working association a number of the animal health functions are delivered by officers within the Animal Health Group at Powys County Council on our behalf. The Department of Agriculture Setting and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is liable for enforcement of the Welfare of Animals (NI) Act 2011, in relation to Farmed Animals.

When marking animals the methods used shall be acceptable and never topic the animal to behavioural limitations or pointless stress or strains. Animals, where applicable, are suitably tame with a purpose to be dealt with and cared for in an acceptable manner almost about animal welfare.

Law 18 of 2009 includes a brief section on animal welfare, by which four provisions create the framework of protection for animals. Anybody who has purpose to believe that an animal is exposed to mistreatment or severe neglect concerning the setting, supervision and care, shall as quickly as possible alert the Meals Safety Authority or the police.

Article 66(1) creates an obligation of care in requiring that measures are taken in the interest of animal welfare in relation to the reasonable remedy and tender care of animals, in relation to listed activities including capture, husbandry, slaughter and transport.

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